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The Quality Of Oval Cylinder Lock Is Directly Related To The Security Of The Material Of The Door
Jul 23, 2018

The quality of oval cylinder lock is directly related to the security of the material of the door, so it is very important to choose oval cylinder lock without rust. How to remove the rust of oval cylinder lock when using the lock at ordinary times?

In order to distinguish the corrosion of metal in oval cylinder lock, the surface defects caused by metal rust and metal processing should be distinguished from those caused by daily insertion and extraction

Because the corrosion of metal is mostly the loose, porous solid material attached to the metal surface of the oval cylinder lock, which is not firmly bound to the matrix metal. Under the action of external forces, the repair will be stripped of the metal body. External forces can be applied by sand blasting, shot blasting, grinding, polishing and other means. The composition of metal rust is mostly metal oxide or hydroxide, so it is easy to react with acid.

The precipitation of hydrogen can reduce the ferric oxide and magnetic ferric oxide in the rust layer of oval cylinder lock into ferrous oxide that can easily interact with acid, which is conducive to the melting of oxides, accelerate the peeling of insoluble oxide skins and accelerate the removal of oxides. But hydrogen can also be absorbed by matrix metals and cause hydrogen embrittlement.