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The Cost Performance Of Fingerprint Lock Is Also A Factor To Be Considered
Jul 23, 2018

Besides function, appearance and function, the cost performance of fingerprint lock is also a factor to be considered. For the fingerprint lock, the choice of raw materials has a great impact on its price, and the safety will also be affected. Compared with the plastic case, the safety of metal materials will be higher.

On the fingerprint lock, different parts choose different materials, so each lock will be made up of many materials, among which panel materials and lock body materials play an important role in security. The lock body of intelligent lock material refers to the lock body that is embedded in the door. The part with the lock tongue is also the core part of the lock security guarantee.

At that time, most of the material of the lock body was made of copper + stainless steel, and stainless steel was used in other places such as the latch, the transmission structure, the case and so on, which was a cost-effective configuration.

Copper has strong abrasion resistance, high strength, high hardness and corrosion resistance, and copper has strong plasticity. It can make a very precise lock core and enhance the safety of the lock core.