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On The Reference Role Of Anti-collision Lock
Jul 23, 2018

On the reference role of anti-collision lock

Electric cabinet door is at present the company of majority or it is to a few industry use more product, and regard as among them key lock implement, prevent bump lock is a kind of main device. As the main lockset, a variety of household lockset has been born, which is also based on industrial cabinet lock for reference after the lock. In fact, the lock used as the main lock is developed according to the industrial lock, and the current planar lock, link lock or handle lock are all designed and manufactured according to these industrial locks. If the bump lock or other electric lock in these industries is the main form of development at present, then household lock is another kind of use lock developed by referring to its principle.

This kind of foundation can be used for reference in the design of high and new locks in the future. A lot of times, we can't use this kind of anti-collision lock, but there must be something wrong, the existence of this kind of lock will certainly make our cabinets safer. And the door lock is a security guarantee for our family, so we need to pay attention to the choice and use.