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Main Lock Is A Kind Of Compound Lock
Jul 23, 2018

Main lock is a kind of compound lock, this kind of lock can cater to the attack of intelligent household, accordingly, at present on the market of main lock, the sale of main lock is very hot. However, in the long use of the master lock, it is sometimes inevitable that some inevitable small problems will occur. For example, when the verification fingerprint opens the door, the verification fails, the key does not respond or the operation is prohibited, the main lock fingerprint/password/card opens the door successfully, the green indicator light is on, the door cannot open, the machine lock the key cannot open the door And so on. What if you can't open the door with the master lock key?

If you can't open the main lock with a mechanical key, it's the same after several attempts. Possible reasons:

1. Incorrect mechanical keys;

2. Damaged lock head;

3. The lock core is damaged;

4. Mechanical failure of clutch.


1. Use the correct main lock mechanical key to open the door;

2. After opening the door by other means, professional personnel shall check the main lock and replace the damaged parts.

The above introduction is about the possible reasons why the main lock mechanical key cannot open the door and the related solutions. The above method can effectively solve the problem that the mechanical key cannot open the main lock.