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Intelligent Key Lock So - Called Intelligence
Jul 23, 2018

Intelligent key lock so - called intelligence, mainly reflected in its function and operation use process more humanized and intelligent. However, at the present stage, intelligence is mainly reflected in the Internet function of lock locks, which can realize remote control and remote monitoring. For example, the lock situation can be monitored remotely by mobile phone and the door can be opened and closed remotely. With the development of the concept of smart home, the definition and functions of smart lock are also in constant enrichment. In the future, smart lock will be an intelligent device with an open interface. As a part of smart home, there are still other types of electronic locks in the market, such as face recognition lock, pupil recognition lock and remote control lock.

The smart key lock USES the mature technology of non-mechanical key as the user identification ID, which has the advantages of convenience and high security. Smart key chains do help users solve everyday problems in situations like the following:

1. Forgot your key

Forgetting your keys is a real hassle, and smart key locks can be controlled from your phone without a lot of hassle.

2, to welcome guests

Friends and relatives come, but they happen to have something not to leave. A smart key lock opens the door for them.