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Front Door Lock Manufacturers Said With The Progress Of Society
Jul 23, 2018

Front door lock manufacturers said with the progress of society, science and technology, culture, the security of the mechanical lock has more and more cannot satisfy the needs of the people, and, to some extent, the strength of the security measures is related to the identity, status, before the door lock as a new generation of identification technology advantage more and more obvious, will gradually replace the mechanical lock lock industry's new drama.

1. Stability design. Generally, there are three factors influencing the stability of electronic lock, including a. B. Stability and reliability of the working state of the motor. The inspection standard is to see whether a special carbon brush motor is adopted. C. stability and anti-interference of the logic circuit, and the inspection criteria are to see whether there is a protective circuit design, etc.

2, good maintainability of the use of new materials: if the front door lock good maintainability, easy to repair, can use rapid repair of low cost, can make the front door lock parts often in good technical condition, once failed, due to low cost fast repair, without a new replacement or new front door lock, it actually to extend the service life of the front door lock. In addition, when designing the front door lock, new materials suitable for the performance standards and requirements of the front door lock are selected, which is also a good way to extend the service life of the front door lock. The security of intelligent home security system is very important.