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Electronic Locks Have Become More And More Familiar To More And More People
Jul 23, 2018

Nowadays, with the vigorous promotion and release of Shared bicycles, electronic locks have become more and more familiar to more and more people. Household electronic locks have also been accepted and appreciated by more and more people, which has virtually promoted the development of the whole field of smart locks in home. At present, high-end brands are playing extremely well in the electronic lock industry. Haier, skyworth and other domestic power giants are also testing the water and scrambling for the rapidly growing dividends of the electronic lock industry, which means the huge market potential of China's electronic lock is being pried open.

One door, two worlds. Outside the gate, there is an unpredictable red sea hardware. In the gate, is a safe and intelligent comfortable space. Connecting the inside and outside of the gate is a small electronic lock, which is becoming the smallest but most powerful outlet in the construction of the entire smart home industry.

In recent years, electronic locks have been widely used in public housing such as hotels and dormitories. With the transformation of smart appliances and smart homes from concept to product and trend, they have also become electronic locks. However, whether the electronic lock can get on the train of smart home depends on the construction of the entire Internet of things system, which requires data sharing and interconnection of appliance manufacturers.

Actually, an electronic lock is a kind of electronic lock. The difference is to identify the medium. At present, most electronic locks in the market use card reading, fingerprint and face recognition as the identification media. Such products are still in the era of electronic lock, and products can only be identified by information, rather than by thinking. It is unlikely to become a key part of smart home in the short term.