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Electronic Door Lock Is A Household Security Protection Product That Ensures Social Stability And Prosperity And Is Closely Related To Our Life
Jul 23, 2018

Electronic door lock is a household security protection product that ensures social stability and prosperity and is closely related to our life. In fact, China is a large country in the world to make locks. In recent years, with the booming development of China's hardware market, the electronic door lock market has also taken advantage of the situation, and the overall capacity of the electronic door lock market has now reached 70 billion yuan. So there's a lot of room.

But with the advent of the reshuffle period of China's electronic door lock industry, some small electronic door lock enterprises will be eliminated. After the tenacious survival of the enterprise competitiveness will be strengthened, more strength for customized production. In the future, door enterprises and lock enterprises with high brand awareness and a certain scale will usher in a new situation of cooperation, and the customized production of electronic door locks will also usher in the spring.

With the increasing competition in the international market today, China's electronic locks will be eliminated in the international market if they remain uninnovative and stand still. Lock making enterprises should actively adopt new materials and pay attention to product modeling and art decoration. Meanwhile, they should gradually adopt advanced technologies such as computer electronics, information, biological identification and nanomaterials to graft traditional lockmaking industry, and strive to develop new products with market prospects and make breakthroughs in their performance. For example, the middle and high grade plug-in lock series, automobile lock series, civil lock series, anti-theft lock series, rolling code remote control series, middle and high-end mechatronics integrated IC card intelligent lock, TM card lock, shoot lock card lock series, biometrics feature lock series and so on can all be reformed in the process and technology innovation and gradually mature.