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Why does the keypad lock stand out from the crowd and become increasingly popular?
Jul 23, 2018

Nowadays, more and more advanced science and technology, fingerprint identification, face recognition, iris recognition and other biometric features of the keyboard lock swarmed. In this era of door lock reform, keyboard lock has been surmounting two problems: how to open the lock more conveniently; Second, how to lock more secure. Why does the keypad lock stand out from the crowd and become increasingly popular?

It's ok to forget your key. Your family will open the lock remotely

Keyboard locks can be unlocked remotely and mobile phones can be authorized to unlock remotely. This to often forget to bring the key to "careless" is simply a "magic weapon", no longer need to worry about being shut outside the door. If a friend comes from far away and you happen to be away, you can open the door remotely by clicking a little on your phone. Even a cleaning aunt who comes several times a week can be treated intelligently.

2. Realize automatic opening of the lock at short distance, truly free your hands

Close distance can be the remote control unlocked, that is, within a certain distance, the keyboard lock will automatically open to greet the host, because both hands can not pick out the key to open the trouble. In addition, some fingerprint locks have powerful machine learning functions. They can automatically distinguish indoor and outdoor according to the unlocked condition of the user for a period of time. They don't need to worry about the automatic unlocked condition when the door lock is near at home, is it smart enough?