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What are the advantages of mortise lock and traditional electronic lock
Jul 23, 2018

What are the advantages of mortise lock and traditional electronic lock

1, technology

The traditional mortise lock USES unique biological features such as fingerprint, facial mask and iris for encryption, decryption and authentication to achieve safe opening. Technology core: identification technology of biological system.

Tenon lock integrates mobile Internet technology, cloud technology, smart phone technology, biometrics technology, encryption and decryption of electronic information and authentication technology. It is a security system engineering to solve the problem of unlock and management. His technology is more comprehensive, more complex and more demanding. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the application of artificial intelligence technology in the new generation of mortise lock will be more common, the function of mortise lock will be more powerful, and the safety performance will be higher. That is to say, the technology development of the new generation smart lock is just beginning like the intelligent home, and the future prospect is very wide. Traditional mortise-lock technology lags far behind the demands of the smart age, just as smartphones replace keyboard phones.

2. Unlock mode and operation mode

The difference between the traditional mortise lock and the new mortise lock is even greater.

The traditional mortise lock has fingerprint, iris, facial mask, induction card, password and so on. And new type of intelligent lock in addition to having more fingerprint, face, iris, password, mechanical keys, NFC card to close the door way, the most important thing is the function of the new type of intelligent lock solves the remote unlock, no matter where you are, you can through the cloud the key lock, can also remote control to open the door in short distance.