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Features of handle lock in narrow door frame lock
Jul 23, 2018

Features of handle lock in narrow door frame lock

Electric cabinet lock has always been the main lock form in industry, and this kind of lock also has many kinds of types, such as handle type, plane type, link type, etc., and as one of the handle type, it is the main form of narrow door frame lock on the market at present. The advantage of this kind of form lies in after installing, the person of one side of the door can use handle to open the door directly, this principle is handle and lock core connection commonly, pass the means of turning handle, push the internal mechanism of lock core, let lock tongue retract, played the role of unlock. And the other side of the door can not use the handle to open the lock, the key needs to cooperate with the lock core to play the role of opening the door. The main characteristic of this kind of lock is to let the person inside the door open a lock more easily, and let the person outside the door open a lock more difficult, such effect provided indoor certain security, and open the door more convenient to the person inside. The current planar lock also has a hook on the inside, which ACTS the same way as the handlebar lock.

This is the main characteristic of the narrow door frame door lock of handle type, when a lot of times, these locks will be used on the important box cabinet or on the door lock to play the role of improving the safety coefficient, and this is also the main reason why the industrial cabinet lock was invented.