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Euro mortise locks not only solve the problem of close locking scientifically
Jul 23, 2018

Euro mortise locks not only solve the problem of close locking scientifically, but also solve the problem of long distance opening.

Different operation modes:

This is another important indicator that the euro mortise is different from the traditional mortise. The setting of traditional use method cannot leave the lock, must carry on the operation in the lock itself, set a password, configure a biology key, delete a key all cannot leave the lock. It's a hassle, and there's no way to upgrade the software. The new mortise lock is much simpler, and everything can be done on the phone, including configuring keys, removing keys, setting passwords, checking unlock records, power, and software upgrades. All the locking can be done by the mobile phone, which makes the smart fingerprint lock management easy to access.

3. Management mode

The traditional mortise and mortise of the euro is grossly inadequate for management functions. But the new smart lock management function last night is very powerful: it can solve the management problems of the lock itself with the mobile phone, key management, permission management and power management. It can also solve some problems in our daily life: set the time for the clock nanny to go in and out of the house, sell the house without having to go to the site and send a cloud key intermediary, and rent the house without fearing the untimely payment of the rent. There is still plenty of room for the euro mortise lock to be developed for administrative functions.