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Euro interlock is a high-tech product that has long been considered to represent the future of the lock industry
Jul 23, 2018

Euro interlock is a high-tech product that has long been considered to represent the future of the lock industry. In recent years, due to the decline of cost, the industry has started to enter the development period because of the continuous innovation of sales volume. The number of euro pluggable lock manufacturers has increased rapidly, and the scale has accelerated.

If you pay more attention to the development of Internet technology and how much impact it will have on the euro industry, it is not hard to see how powerful the impact may be to turn the industry upside down quickly. And the most likely to disrupt the industry is a traditional small business development of a walnut smart lock. In recent years great changes have taken place in the world of the Internet, cloud technology, smartphone technology, wireless communication technology, the Internet technology development and utilization, and under the influence of the new technology of thinking mode, the Internet can bring to market new space and time, of course, this kind of space and time at the expense of traditional industries and the expense of the market. As the pillar product of the intelligent door lock industry, the disadvantages of its products, technologies, prices, services and market models will also be revealed soon in this new environment:

1. The inability of core technologies to independently determine how far the industry can go. The modules are controlled by American enterprises, and it is inevitable that the purchase quantity is not centralized and the high price is high. It is difficult to realize the individualization of products, and the competitive advantage of products does not exist.