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Development of narrow back tenon lock and the method of door lock selection
Jul 23, 2018

Development of narrow back tenon lock and the method of door lock selection

Narrow back mortise lock is a kind of lock which is popular nowadays. The characteristic of this kind of lock is that the door lock is connected with the inductor, which leads to mutability. At present, there is a kind of lock with fingerprint recognition, which is designed and reformed by using the principle of narrow back tenon lock, so it can be said that it is a new type of lock based on narrow back tenon lock. However, because the current fingerprint identification system of this kind of door lock is not perfect and accurate enough, and because people are used to using the old-fashioned lock cabinet, it is difficult to popularize this kind of new door lock at present, and there are many unstable factors. Fingerprint identification, there are many ways to crack, so this kind of lock needs more accurate improvement to shine.

The door is a protective device of our home, so when choosing narrow back tenon lock, we also need to be very careful, strict. When choosing need to look at the door lock handle and lock core and trial, to ensure that handle the degree of fluency and stable during the initial probation period, and use the key for the lock core, ensure that the stand or fall of the lock core, so that can estimate the door lock is good, and electric cabinet internal inductance and the corresponding circuit conductor is we are difficult to observe, but currently on the market most of the narrow back mortise lock has certain security, so the circuit that still can be at ease.