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Zinc Alloy Door Handle Material Selection And Purchase

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Casting the door handle using what type of zinc alloy, the basic mountain from three aspects to think

First, in accordance with the door handle their own function to choose. Contains: (1) mechanical function, resistance to the strength of the tensile strength of the material is the maximum resistance when the crack; the so-called elongation is the material brittleness performance considerations and plasticity of the measurement; hardness, In other words the friction of the plastic deformation of the resistance. (2) working conditions: the working environment of the temperature and humidity, door handle contact with the medium and air tightness standards. (3) accuracy requirements: can achieve the accuracy and size of reliability.

Second, the technical process performance: (1) casting technology; (2) mechanical processing production process; (3) shape processing technology.

Third, the cost of consumption considerations: the material itself and the requirements of the production equipment and other aspects of full consideration, combined with the size of the profits brought by the door handle.

Door handle with lock core to buy two traps

First, the more complex the design of the lock core structure may be cheaper. Two tongue cylinders may be cheaper than a single tongue. Under normal conditions, the current door lock, lock cylinder insurance factor size and the specific operation of the switch program has little relationship. Easy to operate the lock is not necessarily very safe and safe, and open up very complex lock cylinder can not explain very stable and reliable. A well-designed door lock switch operation procedure must be very clear.

Followed by pure copper door handle is not to control the price of stainless steel, to observe the technical process. There is also the best not to buy plastic door handles, because its strength is too small to be very bad.

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