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What Are The Door Handle Types?

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Under normal circumstances do not need to buy a special anti-theft door handle, because the purchase of anti-theft door has a door handle. However, if the late use of the handle off or out of the paint situation, even because they do not like the style of the handle and want to replace and other issues must be re-purchased. Anti-theft door handle material, shape, style, color and so on, for the consumer to choose the door handle provides numerous possibilities. However, there are consumers because of the classification does not understand the limitations of the purchase situation is also often exist.

Anti-theft door handle according to material classification

Although the security door also has a variety of materials, but compared with the door handle, the type or a lot less. The price of the security door handle is different, largely because of the different material. Ceramics, solid wood, metal door handle the highest sales. In addition to these, there are glass material, crystal, plastic, alloy material and so on. In the choice of door handle when there is no need to choose and anti-theft door material door handle.

The security door handle are sorted by shape

Usually often go to someone else's guest will find that each family's door handle style is very different, the style can be described as there are many different. Usually the common door handle style should be a single hole or a single time. There is also a connection between the price and style of the security door handle. In addition to the above mentioned two major styles, there are double-headed, hidden and other door handle. These completely different style of the handle is brought to the end of the different decorative effect.

The security door handle are classified according to style

In the choice of door handle, it is necessary to pay special attention to the style of the door handle. Specifically, the door handle can be divided into Japanese style, Chinese style, modern minimalist style, European style and so on. Security door handle prices and this style also have a certain relationship between. For example, the current Chinese market antique style door handle is very much.

In addition to the above classification, it can also be related to its surface treatment process classification. There are also differences between the processing of different materials. For example, stainless steel anti-theft door handle the way there are surface drawing or mirror polishing and so on.

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