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The Door Handle Improves The Requirement From The Essence

- Nov 02, 2017 -

In daily life, the door opening or closing the number of times or more, where we focus on the Division I as the representative of the production of large Door Handle the standard products, how to manufacturers from the point of view, to enhance the product to do a control.

Now the door handle is usually made by the handle theme and hand and foot linked to the wooden door, in the real life, the door open the handle will cause the loose handle, the most common is nothing more than the following two issues.

First, pull the hands and feet with the theme of the connection easily loose.

Manufacturers of the production process is usually in the handle on the subject of drilling, tapping, or on the rivets, and then through the screw to pull the hands and feet with the handle to connect, whether it is playing rivets or screws, a long time, the number of opening and closing a There will be a loose, where the manufacturers to the customer's advice is that in the custom door Door Handle and other products, you can ask the manufacturers to pull the hands and handle the main body welded together, pay attention to welding in the overall handle color after welding, Dark welding two fixed point, the welding will cause more damage to the beautiful.

Second, pull hands and feet between the loose

The door between the door and the door between the loose, the most fundamental reason is because the inside and outside the connection is not tight enough, opening and closing a number of natural loosening. Processing approach is: the usual Door Handle is fixed by the two points fixed, we can require manufacturers to use four fixed, there is the requirements of manufacturers to use, thick fixed point iron, that is, the manufacturers within the large hole with thick iron Circle and other accessories, so that both increase the force point, but also from the nature to improve the requirements.

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