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Door Revolving Door Handle Is Broken, How To Disassemble

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Life door handle are commonly used supplies, frequent use will inevitably make the door handle is not easy to use the situation, the door handle bad friends want to change but can not start, find a maintenance master to help spend money do not say also feel Very worthwhile.

There are two locks with a revolving door handle, which can see the fixing screw and the outside do not see the fixing screw.

1, can see the fixed screw, first remove the tongue part of the fixed screw, and then remove the tongue, and then remove the room on the baffle screws (fastening screws will only be in the room outside the room) You can see the internal fastening structure, the order can be removed, and some places have a special card spring, to prepare the reed clamp to remove.

2, the external can not see the tightening screw lock, first remove the tongue part of the screw, remove the tongue, in the room between the handle and the door between the lock lever has a small hole, you can use the lock is a belt Of the accessories or find their own sharp objects, insert the small hole to press the side of the door to pull out the head of the head, unscrew the head, the lock bar close to the door fixed metal plate rotation removed, and then will see Two fixed screws, remove the screws and fixed iron, in the room can be removed outside the lock.

Door handle bad how to replace the installation of friends can understand the understanding of the door when the handle need to have some patience, because the door handle is a screw sleeve, must be aligned before they can be installed up, and the force fixed , So that the help of the family can be installed on, that is, save money and save trouble.

The above is Xiaobian for everyone to bring the introduction, would like to know more about the knowledge please continue to pay attention to Qi Jia consulting, more exciting advice please look forward to.

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