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Door Handle To Buy Tips And Installation Methods

- Sep 30, 2017 -

There are a variety of materials, such as the original wood (mahogany) carved, but mainly stainless steel, zinc alloy and iron and aluminum alloy these kinds of industrial handle materials are mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy, aluminum, and nylon Several materials, due to the use of industrial handle in the use of the environment and the requirements are relatively high, so its materials and processing technology in all aspects of the requirements are relatively strict, tight stainless steel materials in accordance with the different requirements of 201 stainless steel, 306 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. Of course, industrial handle in all aspects of the performance and quality are much better than ordinary handle. Then, by Xiaobian to introduce you about the door handle the relevant content, I hope to help you.

Door handles to buy tips:

1, according to local conditions

Home improvement, no one wants to use the money on the blade. How to buy a new home for your right and cost-effective door handle it? In a word, according to local conditions. For example, household must be strong, insurance, the Ministry of Public Security certification of the best, and indoor doors more attention to beauty and convenience. Bedroom door, living room door is not normally closed, not often locked, you can buy a few times to ensure that the number of switches, the general 100,000 times is enough, 20 million times a little "big thing", while the bathroom door locks, Switch and lock the higher frequency, to buy a good quality, the number of switches to ensure a high number of door handles. In addition, the purchase of door handles can not ignore the health factors. Such as the bathroom is suitable for copper handle. Because the stainless steel door handle looks clean, but in fact it will breed thousands of bacteria, including the bacteria, E. coli and Streptococcus and so on. Brass door handle on the bacteria than the stainless steel door handle is much less, because the role of copper to eliminate bacteria. So it is recommended that you in the bathroom at home best installed brass door handle, healthy.

2, accurate identification of the difference between the import handle

High-grade imported door handles have a full set of imported and imported parts of the domestic assembly of the points, the price is different, the purchase should pay attention to distinguish. Moreover, if the business is said to be imported, he should be issued into the customs clearance.

3, recognize the price of the door handle

Pure copper door handle is not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, depends on the process. Again, the plastic door handle and then the best is not easy to buy, because it is not enough strength, once broken, even the doors are not open.

Second, the door handle installation method:

1, the first stainless steel door handle the new door lock device, through the hole next to the door, the security of the door bolts the composition of the device, certainly guide the door surface. The latch is used to quickly secure the stencil attached to the stainless steel handle. Then there is the door into the door of the building door from the outside into the door handle. The usual cylinder for the two sleeves, the inner door latch hole, will be very suitable. Hold the door handle with the door until the cover is close to the door. So nine is building materials into the door door door handle from the inside to the door.

2, the cover plate on the hole, along the clockwise direction of the rotation of the screw thread to the door outside the gloves, tighten the screws, the use of Phillips screwdriver. And finally the door along the curved side of the curve around the inside of the door frame, the stability of the impact plate, the kit attached to the reliable.

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