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Door Handle Replacement Method And Installation Steps

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Security door handle is installed in the door above the handles, it can facilitate people to open and close the security door, usually by the iron, just, aluminum and other metal materials after forging, calendering, cutting and other physical processing process to create, is a modern household security door indispensable hardware accessories, its good or bad directly affect the anti-theft door to protect the use of home safety. Today, we will take you to understand the next anti-theft door handle replacement method and installation procedures.

First, anti-theft door handle replacement method

1, need to remove the broken door handle, usually, the door handle of the security door needs to be in the room inside that side start to disassemble, just need to use a screwdriver to the fixed door knob screw down on it, the common cross flower screwdriver can play the effect, the general family will be equipped.

2, when the door handle is very simple to operate, a of people to complete a difficult time can let the family to help, the door needs to keep in the open state, press the outer door frame with the finger, use a screwdriver to remove the screw of the fixing door knob one by one, at this time friends need to pay attention to, press the door when the need to force some, because the door handle inside is equipped with spring, easy to hit to oneself or family.

3, the door handle of the screws when you can use the domestic opening pliers to step by step to open the card ring, then need to be careful not to let the door handle the metal protruding part of the clasp to scratch themselves. A screwdriver with a single font can be used instead of an open clamp at home.

4, at this time friends can find the door handle has been unloaded, put the clasp at this time is basically completed, the rest is the new acquisition of a good door handle installed on it can be OK, is not very simple and easy.

In the door handle when the need to have a certain patience, because the door handle is a screw sleeve, must be on the alignment can be installed up, and the afterburner fixed. With the help of the family can be installed on, is not more than from the outside to find a master installation to be more rapid.

Second, anti-theft door handle installation steps

1, open the door, so you can operate both inside and outside the door handle. Locate the two screws on the inner door handle cover and the screws are fixed together inside and outside the department handle.

2, the two screws with a crosshead screwdriver counterclockwise, the inner door knob pulling away from the door Menla outside the gate.

3, fixed the outer edge of the latch door with a crosshead screwdriver to remove two screws. Out of the door, pull the latch board assembly.

4, the two fixed strike board door frame with a Phillips screwdriver counterclockwise, pull the door frame board off.

5, the new latch assembly, through the hole on the edge of the door, the bolt bolts of the curve part of the door should point to the outside side. A wooden screw that is attached to the glove piece by a latch door.

6, enter the door door from the outside door to insert the handle. Usually two sleeves, inside the latch hole of the cylindrical body, will fit. Press the door handle until the cover plate is close to the door.

7, insert the door handle from the inside of the door. Two fixed screws, the hole in the cover plate, clockwise rotation of the screw thread to the outer door pull gloves, tighten screws, with a Phillips screwdriver.

8, around the inside of the door frame curved curved side of the door frame, will impact plate, kit attached screws fixed.

Through the above, I believe you have a certain understanding of the method and installation steps of the security door handle replacement, I hope you understand the security door handles help, if you also want to learn more relevant information, attention to the installation network, there are detailed information.

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