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Door Handle And Lock Core Buy Two Traps

- Jun 26, 2017 -

First of all, the more complex the design of the core structure, the cheaper the price. Two tongue cores may be cheaper than single tongues. Under normal conditions, the current lock, lock core safety size and switch specific operating procedures of the diversity of little relationship. Easy to operate the lock is not necessarily very safe, and the opening of a very complex lock can not be described as stable and reliable. A very good structural design of the lock switch operating procedures must be very clear.

Then the pure copper door handle is not to be contrasted with the high price of stainless steel, to observe the technical process. It's also best not to buy plastic door handles because it's too small and easy to break.

The door handles look like a product that doesn't attract people's attention, but people usually live in a certain way, so we need a comfortable door handle to look at. Even if the time may be very short, but if this short-term can make the normal work pressure on us to bring a temporary ease that is also worthwhile.

This picture of the entire door handle structure looks simple but not easy and very stylish, the use of the electroplating technology itself, so that the door handle with antioxidant, resist corrosion, no rust, long-term will not fade and other high-end functions. The appearance of the production looks like dancing butterflies, strengthen the characteristics of smart and changeable, side also reflects the modern popular simplicity.

At first we will be the bad old door handle quickly removed, usually the door handle of stainless steel doors to the room as the beginning of the demolition, because the fixed handle of the two screws are in the open, only the key to the screws to remove the OK.

Demolition steps are often very simple, first open the door, with four fingers firmly pressed outside, the thumb vigorously pressed inside (also called to help hold the outside point), using a screwdriver to remove the screws, beware! Immediately can be removed from the moment to use a little force tightly pressure, because the door handle built-in spring, if not careful, it will rebound and hurt himself, it outweighs the loss.

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