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Choose The Door Handle To Consider Health Problems

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Choose to buy the door handle absolutely not to forget health problems. For example, the bathroom is very suitable for installing brass door handles. The reason is that the surface of the stainless steel door handle sodium sulfonate just looks very clean, but in fact it will produce thousands of various types of harmful bacteria, specific to the gram of bacteria, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus and so on.

The bacteria on the brass door handle are actually a lot smaller than the stainless steel door handles, because copper has the function of degrading bacteria. So personally feel that everyone in each room as much as possible installation of brass door handle, this will be very important to the physical and mental health of the family.

Never the same. Stainless steel handle door handle technology above analysis, can use stamping operation to construct finished parts, comprehensive analysis of the stamping will be within 4 mm thick size, and casting can be produced shape and features, thickness can also be designed in accordance with your ideas. In contrast, if the demand for carrying capacity is relatively large, it is certainly necessary to design casting, but considering the technical process of this product is relatively special, the production of capital investment is undoubtedly a problem, and later prices will be higher costs. However, there is an obvious feature, which is the casting of stainless steel handle, the appearance of the design will be beautiful, load-bearing capacity, the use of solid wood doors above the feeling more upright, practical and so on.

Our stainless steel handle door handle will certainly allow customers to feel the intention of our manufacturers to invest, long-term down, will certainly recognize our brand.

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