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Working principle of corner

- Dec 16, 2016 -

Corner cylinder works: it is a pneumatic or hydraulic drive fixture for production parts of the special machine and a rule, can greatly increase the machine, assembly, welding and other mold fixture automation. Is a CNC machine tools, in particular the processing center to improve work efficiency indispensable gripping components, but also for welding and assembly and other fixtures. It is small, powerful, space-saving, clamping speed, positioning accuracy, basically can be regarded as fixture-type robot. In the machine with the use of rapid clamping of the workpiece, fast open, suitable for fast-paced production, the workpiece precision machining requirements of the occasion. The working process of the corner cylinder, the piston to complete the first rotary stroke - pressure arm down and rotate to the design of the specified position and angle, and then complete the clamping stroke - that is, straight down and clamp the workpiece. Before clamping the workpiece, press the arm away from the workpiece. When the work piece is installed, press the control arm to rotate to the top of the workpiece, and then straight down to straighten the workpiece. When releasing the workpiece, the pressing arm will automatically press the tightened line to return to the original position. You can easily and smoothly remove the workpiece.

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