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Rodless cylinder principle

- Dec 16, 2016 -

Rodless cylinder and the general working principle of the same cylinder, but external connections, sealing different forms, both sides of the cylinder is hollow, the piston rod of the permanent magnet to drive the piston rod outside the other magnet (moving parts), I want to say Is its cleanliness requirements are very high, our company's magnetic coupling rodless cylinder often have to be removed to petrol cleaning, it may be related to its working environment. Rodless cylinder with a piston, and no piston rod, the piston device in the rail, the external load to the piston connected to the action by the intake. Magnetic-type movement is the use of hollow piston rod within the permanent magnet to drive the piston rod outside of another magnet movement to achieve, because of its speed, high load when the outer magnetic ring easy to get off, it is now less used. The size of its load quality to find its quality and speed characteristics of the curve. Now use more mechanical type.

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