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Pressurized cylinder works

- Dec 16, 2016 -

Pressurized cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder and supercharger for the integration of the use of the size of the supercharger compression ratio of different cross-sectional area ratio, and Pascal energy balance principle and work. Because the pressure does not change, when the compression area from large to small, the pressure will vary with the size of the principle, so as to achieve the gas pressure to several times the pressure effect to pre-pressurized cylinder as an example: When the working pressure on the surface of the hydraulic oil (or piston), the hydraulic oil will be compressed air flow to the pre-pressure process chamber, this time the hydraulic oil will quickly push-type parts for displacement, when the displacement encountered pressure greater than air pressure cylinder Then stop the action, this time, pressurized cylinder pressurization chamber because the electrical signal (or pneumatic signal) action, began to boost the pressure to achieve the purpose of molding products.

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