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Common Faults and Maintenance Methods of Solenoid Valve

- Dec 16, 2016 -

1, solenoid valve wiring head loose or fall off, the solenoid valve may not be able to tighten the thread.

2, the solenoid coil burned, you can remove the solenoid valve wiring, with a multimeter measurement, if open, the solenoid coil burned. Cause of the coil damp, causing poor insulation and leakage of magnetic flux, causing the coil current is too large and burned, so to prevent the rain into the solenoid valve. In addition, the spring is too hard, the reaction force is too large, the coil turns too small, not enough suction can also make the coil burned. In emergency handling, the manual button on the coil can be driven from the "0" position to the "1" position during normal operation, allowing the valve to open.

3, the solenoid valve jammed: solenoid valve spool sets with the spool with a small gap (less than 0.008mm), are generally single-piece assembly, when the mechanical impurities into the oil or too little, it is easy to stuck . Treatment can be stabbed from the head wire into the hole, so that spring back. The fundamental solution is to remove the solenoid valve, remove the spool and spool sets, with CCI4 cleaning, making the valve core in the valve sleeve action flexibility. Disassembly should pay attention to the assembly sequence of external components and external wiring position, in order to re-assembly and wiring is correct, but also check whether the oil mist injection nozzle block, the oil is sufficient.

4, air leakage: air leakage will cause insufficient air pressure, making the forced opening and closing of the valve difficult, because the sealing gasket damage or slide valve wear caused by several cavities channeling gas. In the handling of the electromagnetic valve switching system failure, should choose the appropriate time, such as the solenoid valve in the treatment of loss of power, if not handled within a switching gap, the switching system can be suspended, calmly.

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