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To Choose The Right Door And Window Handle For Your Home

- Mar 25, 2017 -

When decorating home, many people pay a lot attention to the paint, wallpaper and furnishings. However, it is usually overlooked that small details, especially door and window handles, can make great difference. "If one installs a beautiful door handle, a whole new world will be usually opened."  While window and door handles are functional, they can, if well chosen, give an elegant touch to your home.

To choose the right window handles and door handles that fit your home, you can follow these steps:

Complement Your Style

With large varieties of door and window handles available, it’s nice to find one which blends in or complements the room. For example, brass door handles might work well with older rooms that have been restored to their original glory, while pretty glass handles would perfectly suit a vintage theme. Meanwhile a super sleek modern room can benefit from satin chrome alternatives, which will never date. A lot more kinds of handles can be chosen, but remember, select one that fits your home style.

Consider Your Material

It is necessary to consider where the handle will be installed and how much use it may receive in order to select the right ones. For example, if a window is seldom opened, some shiny metals might be suitable. However, when it comes to doors of a child's room, where handles are easy splashed with foods or liquids, polished ones will require regular cleaning to buff fingerprints away. In this case, matt metals could be a better choice for you. According to market researcher in loyal-tech, even in a 4-people family, a handle is grasped 15 times a day. So if you have a big family, the quality of handles deserves a lot of attention. our stainless steel handles have good material, wear-resistant finish and 100% quality assurance, which make sure the color stays beautiful and handles are less easily worn for a long time.

Ensure Effective Function

There’s no point choosing an attractive set of handles if they only look good. As a functional item, they should also do the job they are designed to do – namely open the doors or windows and keep them securely locked where appropriate. You might often hear that many cheap locks and handles are ‘style over substance’ and unable to lock or close properly. But in loyal-tech, every set of window and door locks and handles have 100% quality assurance. We offer 100% quality control before delivery and customers will enjoy the policy of 180-day free replacement if quality defect happens. If you like, we can also offer OEM/ODM service for you to develop the locks and handles as secure as possible based on your needs.

Ask for Advice in Selection

The fourth step is to ask for professional advice for your handle selection. You can leave a message on loyal-tech website or our LinkedIn company page if you like. All of loyal-tech members are professionally educated and have rich experience in handle introduction, some have over 15 years' working experience. We can help you choose your own door fittings not only fit your home styles but ensure an effective function. We are looking forward to your message!


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